Bitcoin – Mining 12 Months Total Per 1 Gh/s Hash Rate

BITCOIN MINING - 12 MONTHS RENT FROM 1 GH/s TO 50 GH/s for $75.00 per GH/s TOTAL PRICE FOR 12 MONTHS (Actually it is $67.50 per GH/s but with the auction fee it ends up being $75.00)If you want to give bitcoin mining a shot, this is going to be an easy way to try it out without spending an arm and a leg for equipment and overhead.Just so there is absolutely no confusion... This sale is not for a physical bitcoin mining unit. This sale is for the total rental price for hashing power on a bitcoin mining unit (and the proceeds generated by that hashing power) for 12 months.====================================You will receive your share of the mining pool proceeds based on your proportionate percentage of the hashing power for the mining machine - for 12 months. As an example of "proportionate percentage", if you have 40 GH/s of 400 GH/s total (or 10 GH/s of 100 total, or 20 GH/s of 200 GH/s total), you have 10% of the hashing power for that machine and your proportionate percentage of the proceeds received from the mining pool would be 10%. If for some reason there is a delay or interruption in mining for any reason (like a chip gets fried and needs to be replaced, a network outage, a power outage, etc.) that downtime will not count against your 12 months. On the otherhand, it needs to be understood that you will have no claim to potentially lost income during any delay or interruption in mining. The maximum claim for damages for any reason cannot exceed the amount you paid. Distribution (in bitcoin) will be twice a month directly to your wallet. Distribution will take place 5 days after the 1st and 5 days after the 15th.Note: 2% will be deducted from each distribution to cover the time it takes to calculate the distribution and to distribute the proceeds.You will be responsible for your wallet transfer fees (if any).You will be responsible for reporting and paying any personal income tax on income/profit you make when converting bitcoin into a currency. Check with your tax guy...If for some reason (doubtful) the shipment from the manufacturer is delayed beyond November you will have the option to receive a refund - (minus the 10% auction fee that is charged) since I will not be able to recover the auction fee in October or November. HOWEVER, if I am notified of the delay by the manufacturer in time to obtain a refund of the auction fee you would receive 100% if you wanted a refund. Or, you can hang in there until the machines are received.If you do not know what Bitcoins are all about and how the mining process works please do research before buying.Thanks!

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