2 X 1 Million Infinitecoin 2000000 + Bonus Bin (like Bitcoin Litecoin Peercoin)


Two million (2,000,000) Infinitecoin(IFC) Crypto-currency units for sale. Buy these while they are still available at this price. The price of these coins is going up exponentially! These are just like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoins, and Peercoin. And are perfect for any Crypto-currency investor. They will be sent to your Infinitecoin(IFC) Wallet or account, after payment is completed.Please send me your IFC deposit address at the end of the auction in the 'Note to Seller' section.Bonus Coins For Buy It Now Infinitecoin Wallet can be downloaded for your computer from infinitecoin.org.After you run the program and it has synced with the network send me your address. Buyers needs to be Paypal verified.Buyers must be able to reply from email address provided by Paypal. (If necessary) I am not responsible for incorrect addresses being sent to me, No physical item is delivered, it's a digital transfer. All sales are final. Good Luck and Happy Investing.

$700.00 from ebay.com
Auction price: $500.00

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