1 Million Infinite Coins (newest Digital Currency Like Bitcoin, Litecoin Etc)


NEW LOWER PRICE! DUE TO THE SOARING PRICE OF BITCOIN I WAS ABLE TO MAKE A VERY GOOD PURCHASE OF INFINITE COINS. I AM PASSING THIS SAVINGS ON TO YOU! We also now have 24 hour monitoring of our Ebay account. Your purchase will ship instantly 24 hours per day! THIS is for 1 MILLION INFINITE COINS digital currency. (1,000,000) to be deposited directly into your INFINITE COIN wallet within 1 to 6 hours (usually only minutes) from time payment received. Also called "Cryptocurrency" INFINITE COIN is like BIT COIN, LITE COIN, etc. You can buy sell or trade. This is one of the newest digital currencies and the prices have nowhere to go but up. Speculation is high and these coins are already increasing in value exponentially. Only a fraction of a cent increase can yield MILLIONS $$$ if you have enough coins. Think I'm kidding? Research "BIT COIN" from 4 years ago and look what it is now. Ask the guy that invested in 200K BIT COINS back then for $200 what he's worth today. :) (I'll save you the math it's just over $40,000,000.00 (million) USD.) PAYPAL is accepted. After you make your PayPal payment, send me a message thru Ebay to let me know your INFINITE COIN wallet address where the coins are to be sent. Within a matter of hours,(sometimes minutes) your coins will be delivered electronically directly to your INFINITE COIN wallet. Easy! Delivery is verified! NOW, if you don't already have an INFINITE COIN wallet, don't panic, you'll only need to download one. And it's free! Just follow the easy Step by Step tutorial below to download and set up a wallet for your INFINITE COINS: 1. Simply create a folder on your desk top by a right click of the mouse, choose "New" then "Folder" on the desk top. Once you've created your New Folder, simply rename it "INFINITE COIN". 2. Now, follow this link to get your new INFINITE COIN wallet: http://infinitecoin.org/ 3. You'll see there are only 9 files to download. Click on the far right side of each file to download them one at a time, into your new "INFINITE COIN" folder you just created. 4. Once the files are in your folder, click on the file named "infinitecoin-qt" This file will have the pic of a INFINITE COIN. 5. After the wallet opens select "settings" from the top menu. Choose "encrypt wallet" and type in a pass phrase that you will never forget. This is important. If you lose your pass phrase you will lose access to your coins! The wallet will begin to synchronize with the INFINITE COIN database. This could take awhile depending on your internet connection and hardware speed. 6. From the options menu at the top of your wallet select "Receive Coins" This will reveal your new INFINITE COIN wallet address. It's a long list of characters, just right click on it, copy and paste the address into an Ebay message to me. This is the address where you will receive your coins. It will allow the coins to be deposited directly into your INFINITE COIN wallet. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SEND THE CORRECT ADDRESS. Each transaction is confirmed so it's impossible to not receive your coins. Please make sure to verify the address you send me. The coins you are buying will be sent there. I can only send the coins to the address you provide. There can be no refund if you send me the wrong wallet address. So please double check the address before you send it. 7. If sending to a new wallet address I'll send a small amount thru first as a test to make sure you have everything as it should be. Once you receive your test coins let me know all is well and I'll send the remainder. Thanks and Enjoy! REST EASY, I'M A US SELLER AND 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK. Any further info or help needed please feel free to message me anytime. I'll be there for you.

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