0.5 Bitcoin (btc) Digital Currency + 1¢ – Bit Coin Plus Penny

Up for Auction: 0.5 Bitcoin (BTC) Digital Currency + 1 "Phased Out" Canadian Penny You are buying 0.5 Bitcoin (BTC) to be sent to a bitcoin wallet, and a discontinued Canadian penny posted to your shipping address. Because eBay requires that physical goods change hands, your purchase of a Bitcoin will include a letter sent via Canada Post with your Bitcoin blockchain.info confirmation, plus one "phased out" Canadian cent! (Please note: the "phased out" Canadian penny sent to you is not the same penny photographed held by the 'soon to be phased out' Canadian Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty). If you live outside Canada or the USA, the correct international postage rate will be charged. Bitcoins are the world's first glocal peer to peer digital currency. They can be used for trade, paying for services, or kept for value. Requirements for ordering: Due to the nature of bitcoins, some requirements must be observed before bidding:1. Buyer must have a verified Paypal account and shipping address. 2. Any transaction that is believed to be fraudulent will be cancelled and payment will be refunded. 3. There are no returns or refunds. The buying process:1. Make PayPal payment, include your wallet address in the 'Note to Seller' Section of Paypal Checkout, or via Ebay message. 2. Receive your bitcoins within 24 hours, that's for security reasons that I was advised by Ebay and PayPal. If your account is subject to additional security verification, it may require more than 48 hours. 3. Recieve a letter via First Class mail with your blockchain.info confirmation and one "phased out" Canadian penny enclosed. Please message me with any questions.

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